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Generating temporal graphs. Details here.

  • T-Cypher

Temporal extension of the Cypher graph query language. Details here.

  • Chiaroscuro

Demonstration here: Chiaroscuro. The demonstration paper is available here:

  • iBelief

The R package ibelief aims to provide some basic functions to implement the theory of belief functions, and it has included many features such as:

  1. Fast Mobius Transformation to convert any of the belief measures (such as basic belief assignment, credibility, plausibility and so on) to another type;
  2. Some commonly used combination rules including DS rule, Smets’ rule, Yager’s rule, DP rule, PCR6 and so on;
  3. Some rules for making decisions;
  4. The discounting rules in the theory of belief functions;
  5. Different ways to generate random masses.

The stable version of package ibelief could be found on CRAN. The following command can be used in R to install the package:
install.packages(‘ibelief’, dependencies = TRUE)


  • Our Raspberry Pi cluster, ready to play !

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